Polyamory Nijmegen

English Language Non-Monogamy Talking Group


It can be great to be part of a larger community of like-minded people, to ask questions, exchange experiences, or just to have a chat.

Polyamory Nijmegen English Talking Group - Facebook group
We created the Polyamory Nijmegen English Talking Group Facebook group. The group is closed (and as such your posts and comments will not randomly show up in your friends' timelines), but we will add anyone who likes to join. Just shoot us a message with a request to be added.

PolyamorieNijmegen.org Umbrella Organization
There is an active polyamory community in the city of Nijmegen, consisting of a number of (Dutch speaking) talking and special interest groups. Collectively, the community also organises regular informal evenings in a local bar, where you can have a drink and a chat, take your friends or partners, or meet new people.

Check out the
PolyamorieNijmegen.org website, the open PolyamorieNijmegen.org Facebook page for an overview of all activities, or ask to join their closed Facebook group (mostly in Dutch).